5 Easy Online Side Hustles You Should Try

I’m always getting e-mail in my junk folder telling me the sender has the perfect solution for making thousands or tens of thousands of dollars online each month. If I ever responded to any of them, I’m sure I would have lost all my money to credit card or identify fraud. It’s these scams that make people believe that making money online is a pipe dream. In reality, there are a lot of great ways to make money online that are perfectly legitimate and above board.

I started this blog in September as a side hustle that would help me make a little extra money online and this month alone I’ve already made almost $350 in Adsense revenue, Amazon.com affiliate payments, and sales of my e-book. I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the month brings!

While that’s not making me independently wealthy anytime soon, I hope to continue to grow that income until the point where it can pay the majority of my monthly bills. Since I’ve been so successful, I thought I would post this week on some ways to make money online. We also have posts about making money blogging and about how to start an online store. Here are my 5 best suggestions:

  1. Write Ebooks: If you love to write, this just might be the side hustle for you! There are big markets online for self-published genre fiction with like mystery, thrillers, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy and romance even outselling ebooks in those genres published by traditional publishers! If you can create a great book and if you have an interesting angle, you have a chance of breaking into the self-published big time!
  2. Sell Used Stuff: Some people make money buying and selling things on Craigslist. Others make money buying brand named goods and selling them on Ebay. Still others make money buying books and selling them online. There are a lot of places you can buy used goods in your community like at garage sales, swap meets, flea markets, and estate sales. If you’re able to get stuff for a low price, there’s a chance you can turn around and sell it for more!
  3. Become a Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant is someone who works online remotely and provides office support work for a business or individual. You can get jobs on sites like oDesk and Elance. Check out this testimonial from someone who works as a virtual assistant.
  4. Sell on Amazon: Buy some products wholesale or have a product created and start selling on Amazon.com. There are lots of great stories of regular people starting businesses and finding success selling on Amazon. While there are some categories that Amazon has limited or closed like jewelry, if there are lots of great products that you can sell.
  5. Start Your own Niche Store: Starting an online store can be your path to riches. This is a great guide on how to choose the right product. There are many great success stories about starting your niche store.

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