Cheap Baby Furniture That Won’t Break On You

If you’re like most expecting parents, you want to set up the perfect room for your new baby. But perfect doesn’t mean you have to go for the higher price tag. You can create a nursery that is baby-safe, functional, and great-looking even on a budget.

What to Buy for Your Baby’s Nursery

When setting up a nursery for a newborn, start with the basics and focus on bedding and dressing. As your baby grows, you’ll want to add a play area and toy storage space. One of the best ways to save money on baby furniture is to buy combo furniture. The right combo furniture should be both multifunctional and convertible. Look for pieces that can be assembled as a single unit for convenience and ease of use with your infant, but can be separated into individual pieces as your child reaches toddler stage. Here are four of the most popular types of combination baby furniture and specific product reviews.

Convertible Crib and Changing Table

1. Dream on Me 5-in-1 Brody Convertible

The Brody Convertible may be the only bed you’ll need to buy because it grows with your baby, going from a crib, to toddler bed, to daybed or full size bed. It also comes with a detachable, 3-drawer changing table with storage shelves. As a crib, it has a stationary rail system and the mattress can be adjusted to four different height levels.

As a transitional toddler and youth bed, you can adjust the bedrails for added safety for your baby. You can transition to a full size bed with head and foot rails, and use the changing table as a night stand and book case as well as for storage drawers. The dressing table is fitted with security straps and includes a one inch changing pad. Dream on Me offers the Brody Convertible in several light and dark wood colors. You can find it online and in-store at prices ranging from $269 to $459.

2. Dream on Me 4-in-1 Full-Size Crib and Changing Table

If you like the convenience of shelves and more open space, consider this 4-in-1. The crib adjusts to three positions and includes stationary rails with a built-in teething rail. It easily converts to a toddler daybed. The changing table also has safety straps and comes with a changing pad. It’s detachable and can be used as decorative or accessory furniture. This full-size crib and changing table is within most any budget, as you can find on for under $200.

Convertible Crib and Playpen

1. Ingenuity Smart and Simple Deluxe Playard

The Smart and Simple Playard gives you mobility and functionality for under $200. It combines a crib, playpen, basinet with a changing and storage area for your baby. It is convenient, and portable. The Playard is made of sturdy plastic, steel and nylon, and has locking wheels for safety.

Both the basinet and changing table are removable, giving you more space in the playpen and crib area. The lightweight design allows you to move easily throughout your home eliminating the need for multiple items in every room. It folds easily and includes a travel bag.

The Smart and Simple Deluxe Playard is a must have for busy parents who are on the go with an active baby.

2. New Blue Baby Crib Playpen Playard

This convenient multifunction baby crib and playpen lets you easily move your baby inside of your home, and is completely portable to make traveling a breeze. It has lockable wheels and includes a convenient travel bag. The removable middle layer lets you switch between the crib and playpen. It includes a removable changing table, side pockets and diaper storage. The best feature of the New Blue Baby Crib is the price. You can find this portable crib and playpen combo at many online and local retailers for as little as $75-$89.

Combo Dresser and Changing Table

1. Badger Basket Changing Table

This inexpensive changing table comes in two styles, with three small drawers and either a hamper or three medium size drawers. The drawers and hamper can be removed if you need shelves or open space. The changing table has full side rails, safety strap, and changing pad for comfort and safety. It’s available in white, cherry, or espresso.

At a price of $125 or less, it’s a perfect match with your existing crib or furniture.

Toy Chest and Bench Seat

1. KidKraft Limited Chest Toy Box

Add the wood storage box with bench seat to your baby’s room or play area. The hinged lid keeps your baby safe from accidents. You can assemble this combination bench chest with wheels to make it easily movable or without wheels for stationary seating.

This is a great option to store your child’s toys without it being too much of a distraction from the rest of your house.

2. Levels of Discovery Princess Fainting Couch with Storage or Prince Toy Box Bench

Both come with padded seating and hinged lids that close slowly. Both are designed with sturdy wood that will last for years. They include a 2-sided storage area for baby toys, books, clothing, or anything else you need to store for your growing toddler.

Both the KidKraft and Levels of Discovery items are available at below $150 online and in many retail stores.

Where to Find Inexpensive Baby Furniture

If you’re looking for cheap baby furniture that’s already assembled, try local consignment shops. National chains like Once Upon a Child specializes in gently used clothing, accessories and baby furniture. Many big box retailers like Burlington, IKEA, and Walmart always have deals on baby and kid’s furniture. When you don’t mind assembling things yourself, you can find great deals online at Amazon and Overstock, as well as specialty online retailers like


You can put together a great nursery on a budget. Safe attractive furnishings don’t have to cost a lot, and you don’t have to buy too many pieces of furniture. Go for items that serve multiple functions and that can be adapted as your baby grows. If you’re shopping for cheap baby furniture, make sure to search for deals on basic furniture online. Then if you’re looking for specialty baby items, a consignment shop can help locate the perfect baby item for you.

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