11 Places You Can Find Cheap Baby Clothes in 2020

Children grow incredibly fast especially in their early years. Therefore, when you are looking to buy clothes for your baby, you do not need to make a massive investment and purchase anything too expensive. What you should do is look at more affordable or cheap options, that your child will wear for a season. There are numerous ways that you can approach cheap clothes including getting clothing brands that are cheaper, or even looking out for clothes that are available in great discounts. Here is a guide that will help you find some cheap clothes for your little one.

1. Amazon

As you may know, you can pretty much purchase anything on Amazon, and baby clothes are no exception. While you may be taking a risk on the size, it is usually a little easier to pick for babies. Prices on Amazon range from very cheap (as cheap as you will find anywhere else) to very expensive. Another great thing about Amazon is that if you are Prime member, you can get anything you need within 2 days. So if your baby’s shirt rips, you can get a replacement in no time!

2. H&M

The baby clothes from this store will put a smile on your face. They focus on humor in the designs and bright colors. The inspiration from most of the designs is European based, so you can be sure that these clothes are not the typical ones that you will find in a store. There is a large amount of baby clothing that is available for as little as $2. You should visit an H & M store and look through the collection that is on offer. If you do not have the time, you will be glad to know that you can look for the same information on their online platform. It is worth noting that the baby clothes from this store run big, so if you have a large and chubby child, they will easily be able to fit into it. On the other hand, these clothes can last longer as your baby grows up.

​3. Carters

When you are at a retailer, you should look at the clothing that is available. If you do, you will inevitably find that there are baby clothes from Carters available. These clothes are loved by parents, because they are of excellent quality and are also affordable. There are range of designs which are available, and you can be sure that when you dress your baby in them, they will look adorable. When buying cheaper baby clothing, you may be concerned that the clothes will shrink while they are in the wash. This is not the case with clothing from Carters.

​4. Old Navy Clothing

This is a clothing brand that will help you dress up your baby from the time that they are new born until they grow to pre-school. The great thing about this brand is that you can get all sorts of baby clothing, including clothing to wear on the inside, sleeping gear, onesies, and so much more. In addition to the range in type, you will also find a host of different designs, including plain clothing, prints, neutral colors and more. You can spend as little as $2 on an item and also enjoy discounts that are available periodically. To get these clothes, you should visit the store, though if you are a busy mum, you can take the opportunity to order them online as well.

5. Target

Several times a year, you will find that mega stores such as target have a clearance sale on all their baby clothes in preparation for the other clothing coming in for a new season. The great thing about baby clothes is they are relatively flexible, and can easily be worn from one season to the next. If you want to get cheap clothing, keep an eye out for these clearance sales and purchase the baby clothing after you noticing that the price has been cut. Baby clothing and a range of accessories for baby outfits begin at $2.

​6. Circo

As you are shopping at Target, you may find that you get overwhelmed from the sheer amount of baby clothing that is available. One cheap brand that you can choose to help narrow your search is Circo. This is a brand that is exclusively available at Target. It produces a large selection of clothing for both male and female babies and toddlers. The clothing tends to be gender neutral which means that it can be ideal for both baby girls and baby boys. When you are looking to purchase cheap baby clothing to give as a gift, you can play it safe if you purchase this brand.

​7. Walmart

Just as you can find cheap clothes when shopping at Target, you can get excellent deals while you are baby shopping at Walmart. This store has a wide range to choose from, covering the needs of children of all ages. You will find that you can easily get clothes for newborns, dresses, sleepwear, swimming gear, and more. The costs of baby clothing start at $1 and move upwards from there. There are constant offers that are available, so you will find that you can easily discover more opportunities while you are in the store to save even more.

​8. The Children’s Palace

For tiny clothes to suit a tiny baby, make sure that you visit this store. There is an extensive range of items that are available, with most of the items starting at $2.99. If you want, you can also shop online. To make this easier, there are no charges for shipping, which is where some of your money could disappear to when you are working with a tight budget. This is a great option for parents who have trouble adjusting to their baby budget.

​9. Burlington Coat Factory

There are times that you need to find something dressy for your baby, especially if you need to go to a wedding or other function with them. If this is the case, you do not need to spend money that you cannot afford. Instead, simply take the time to visit Burlington Coat Factory. This store offers the best possible quality for babies clothing, at a price that is more than reasonable. In addition, you will find that you can purchase baby clothing from a variety of brands. Whether you are looking at stocking up on the basics, or want something more complex, you will find what you need in this store at a price that you love.

10. Wholesale Purchases

To get baby clothes that are cheap, you should seek out some wholesale shops where you can purchase large amounts of clothing at low prices. A good site for you to try our clothes is www.dhgate.com. The clothes are good enough for your little one, and although they may not last for a long period of time, they will last long enough to be useful. The benefit of purchasing on these sites is the clothes tend to be fashion forward, with the latest designs and styles. Furthermore, you will be overwhelmed at the amount of choices that are available. Baby clothing starts from as little as $2, and as you buy more, the cheaper it becomes. You can purchase these online, so keep an eye out for fabulous sales daily.

​11. Online Stores

There are a wide range of online stores that you can purchase cheap baby clothing from since most of them offer discounts and flash sales that will make a good deal even better. When you are in these stores, you can get cheaper clothes by purchasing in bundles, or looking for specific items for sleeping, bath time, gifts, and so on. You can get some excellent deals on www.babymallonline.com. When you are on an online store, make sure that you look for any discount codes or coupons that you can benefit from. Also, sign up for the newsletters that they send to their clientele. This way, you can get firsthand communication when there is an offer available.


Finding high quality, cheaper clothes, is not impossible, and there is no reason it should be difficult. If you want to save money or get a good deal, then there are countless sources for just that. You can do this by also searching for baby clothes at sample sales since samples are much cheaper than the final product. Clothing swaps at churches are excellent as well. What you will need to do is leave a minimal donation with the church, meet up with some of the other parents and swap away.

Outdoors, you will find that you can also find second-hand baby clothes by spending some time at garage sales. It is at these type of sales that you are likely to find the best prices possible, because people are looking to declutter what their child has outgrown. Make sure that you take some of your old clothing as well, so that you can swap which will save you an even more sizeable amount.

As you prepare to go shopping for your baby clothes, you need to have an idea of exactly what you are looking for. Without a plan, shopping can overwhelm you to the point that you fail to make any purchases. Important items include sleepwear, bodysuits, mittens and socks, shoes, hoodies and more.

For the first year of your baby’s life, you should choose as many cheap options as you can. As they get older and become more mobile, you can afford to get some clothes that are more expensive. Make sure that you do not break the bank, by choosing your clothing now. Plan ahead!

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