10 Best Diaper Bags to Switch To in 2020

There are many products that new parents will need when they have a baby, including a diaper bag. Diaper bags are crucial for parents to carry all of the necessary baby supplies when they are out and about with their child. The best diaper bags are durable, easily transported, and easily cleaned. Traditionally, many diaper bags truly look like diaper bags, much to the disappointment of many fashionable parents.

While diaper bags are, in essence, practical creations designed with the intent to pack and transport baby essentials on the go, many parents now seek diaper bags that are sleek and look less like a diaper bag and more like a purse, backpack, or tote bag. This list details ten of the best diaper bags currently in the market that are both functional and fashionable options for new parents. The list features diaper bags in every price point recommended by parents, celebrities, and parenting resources. You should have no trouble finding the one that fits your baby budget.

1. PacaPod

A complaint with many diaper bags is that because parents are trying to carry so many different supplies for babies, including feeding, changing, and entertainment materials, things can get lost in the deep recesses of the bag, making it difficult to find what’s needed quickly and efficiently. The unique PacaPod’s diaper bag design attempts to solve this problem with a very smart “3in1 pod system.”

The first level of the bag, called the parent bag, is the outer part of the bag. It is a very stylish and gender neutral design that both mothers and fathers can appreciate. It can be carried cross body and also comes with two “pram attachment” clips so the bag can be clipped onto a baby stroller for ease and convenience.

The second portion of the bag is the “changer pod.” The changer pod is a smaller bag on its own that can either fit in the parent bag or be clipped onto the stroller with the pram attachments, and it even comes with an expandable changing pad for on-the-go.

The third bag is the “feeder pod” which can also either sit in the parent bag or be used with the pram attachments. It resembles more of a cooler on the inside, and also has backpack straps should a parent wish to carry it separately. The exceptional part of the PacaPod is that not only is it very roomy and organized, but it is also extremely hygienic in that it separates feeding supplies from changing supplies. This is a feature that not every diaper bag can offer. 

2. Lily Jade

Lily Jade designer diaper bags are a favorite amongst many women. With styles resembling trendy backpacks and tote-style handbags, these well-designed leather bags are as practical as they are beautiful. Lily Jade bags are unique in that they each have a removable inner bag that the designers call a “Baby Bag.” The Baby Bag is machine washable, and it gives Lily Jade diaper bags perfect functionality to be both a diaper bag and a stylish carry-all for mothers. The intention behind the design was to make not only a diaper bag, but a favorite accessory for parents. In fact, Lily Jade bags are so attractive and stylish that women who are not mothers use them for work or class. Prices range from $225-365, but the company often has some styles on sale as well. These bags can be purchased on the Lily Jade website.

3. JJ Cole Satchel

As mentioned above, a common issue with diaper bags is the lack of pocket space for organizing baby necessities. The JJ Cole Satchel is designed specifically for parents to whom organization is crucial for their diaper bags. The bag design features a total of seven outside pockets and four interior pockets, including pockets specifically designed to fit bottles.

The bag also comes with a matching changing pad. Even though this bag is incredibly functional, it also comes in a number of beautiful designs so it could easily be passed off as a handbag.

With both a normal purse handle and a removable padded shoulder strap as well as attachments to fix the bag to a stroller, the satchel is the ultimate in functional. Parents will also appreciate the excellent price.

4. Nest Designs Kiera Clutch

One of the most unique diaper bag designs currently on the market is the Kiera Clutch from Nest Designs. This cleverly designed bag is a compact, stylish clutch that unfolds and can be used as a diaper pad. It also has a removable diaper pocket. This diaper bag is particularly useful for quick trips with babies when parents only want to have some simple diapering supplies ready in case of emergency. The bag also comes equipped with a Wet Pouch designed specifically for storing wet wipes. The design for this clutch is so smart and useful that it won the Changing Pad Innovation award from baby-guru company The Bump in their 2016 The Bump’s Best of Baby competition. The fold-out clutch is $98 and can be purchased online.

5. Storksak

Another favorite in the designer diaper bag category is Storksak. These bags, sold both on the company’s website and at Nordstrom’s, are incredibly fashionable and functional. They include a multitude of designs and styles, including backpacks, totes, handbags, and messenger bags, and the many styles will appeal to both mothers and fathers as many are very gender neutral.

As Storksak is a designer diaper bag brand, their prices are somewhat higher. Hand bags, messenger bags, and backpack designs start at $150, and their leather diaper bags are as expensive as $475. However, the appeal of Storksak’s bags make them an excellent choice for those who feel these prices are in their budget as they are fashionable and stylish and also extremely practical, with many coming with removable inner bags for easy cleaning, matching changing mats, and stroller clips.

6. Vilah Bloom

Tote bags from the brand Vilah Bloom are a favorite with parents and parenting blogs. One of the favorite aspects of this type of bag is that the bag has the capability to grow and transition with parents as their children transition away from diaper bags. Many end up using this bag as a carry-on for activities and family outings as children age.

The bag is also well-known and well-loved by parents because of its many useful features. Like many diaper bags, the tote comes with a changing mat as well as a coordinating monogrammed baby wipe dispenser case. It also features a large number of pockets, perfect for parents who appreciate exceptional organization. With five exterior pockets, four interior pockets, two additional interior pockets specifically for bottles, and one zippered pocket on the outside of the bag for the matching wet wipe case, those who purchase this bag will appreciate this exceptional organization. Certain styles of the bag are also water resistant, an excellent option for those worried about messes. Additionally, the bag can be carried as a shoulder bag, a cross-body strap, and hanging off a stroller thanks to the added feature of built-in stroller clips. This bag is both a durable and stylish choice of diaper bag, making its price of $130 a deal for its practicality on many levels.

7. Petunia Pickle Bottom

For those parents looking for more of a back-up style diaper bag rather than a tote, unique company Petunia Pickle Bottom has a very stylish choice in their Pathway Pack. The Pathway Pack looks less like a backpack and more like a stylish messenger bag with shoulder straps. The style of the bag is much more minimalist and sleek compared to many of the preppy or feminine tote diaper bags, making it a perfect, unisex option for both parents. The Pathway Pack features many interior and exterior pockets, including a special laptop pocket that snaps closed, allowing this bag to truly be the carry-all for all a parent’s needs. It comes with a washable baby changing pad as well as a coordinating case for wipes. Additionally, the bag is essentially designed in easy-to-clean cotton fabric complete with leather trim and antique metal hardware for a unique and classy feel. The Pathway Pack is $159, make it an excellent deal for a diaper bag that can offer quite a lot to the carrier.

8. Oh Joy! at Target

For those parents hoping to spend under $50 for a quality diaper bag, there are many options, including the Oh Joy! Tote Diaper Bag sold at Target. The Oh Joy! diaper bag was designed by a popular “mommy blogger,” so mothers and fathers both can rest assured knowing that it will be able to meet their essential diaper bag needs. The bag, which comes in a variety of attractive designs, is also equipped with a coordinating changing pad. It has a number of various pockets to help keep parents organized and can also be carried as a tote or with a shoulder strap. It additionally comes equipped with a strap to hook it onto a stroller. Made out of nylon, the Oh Joy! Diaper bag is easily cleaned, something that many parents will be able to appreciate. With so many of the best features that most other diaper bags have, the Oh Joy! Tote Diaper Bag at Target is really a steal for bargain-hunting at parents at only $39.99.

9. Timi & Leslie

The timi & leslie “Charlie” diaper bag is a favorite of many parents, including a number of celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, and Jessica Alba. Much like the Lily Jade diaper bags, the Charlie bag from timi & leslie looks much more like an expensive and stylish handbag than a diaper bag. One of the best parts of the Charlie bag is that it offers parents exceptional quality and bang for their buck. A purchase of the Charlie bag includes not only the bag but also the following: a coordinating changing pad with a storage pocket for on-the-go diaper changes, a zippered bag to store messy clothes, a coordinating clutch that can be used as a purse for those mothers who hope to avoid carrying both a diaper bag as well as a purse, and an insulated tote that can help regulate the temperature of baby bottles. Like many diaper bags, it additionally comes with stroller straps for a hands-free option. At only $159.99, the Charlie bag is a very affordable, versatile, and long-lasting diaper bag ideal for any stylish and budget-conscious parent.

10. Diaper Dude

Diaper Dude is a well-respected and appreciated company by many parents seeking a more utilitarian, no-frills diaper bag. Many fathers in particular really appreciate these bags. They offer messenger bags, backpacks, and canvas diaper bag options. Diaper Dude bags offer great quality and value. The messenger bag, for example, is made of very durable material and designed to be comfortably worn and sturdy for daily wear and tear. It includes a number of different pockets in various shapes and sizes as well as a coordinating changing pad. It can also be worn a variety of ways. The best part of the Diaper Dude diaper bags is their affordability. Their messenger bag style can be purchased for only $64.99, making it a great deal for parents on a budget.

The bags that parents will use to carry their essential baby supplies no longer have to look like dowdy diaper bags. With many companies now specializing in stylish and practical diaper bag designs, parents will easily be able to find a diaper bag that is fully functional but also an attractive accessory. Additionally, there are stylish diaper bags at every price point. Parents selecting their ideal diaper bag should look for a large number of pockets for organization, easy-to-clean material, added bonuses like coordinating baby wipe carriers and changing mats, and various shoulder straps or stroller clip-ons for convenience. With so many excellent and varied options for diaper bags, parents may actually enjoy finding the perfect modern and stylish bag for their baby needs rather than continuing to carry a dowdy, traditional diaper bag.

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