8 of the Best Baby Strollers Money Can Buy

Baby strollers are a serious investment for new parents. This is particularly true since strollers are one of the few baby products that should always be purchased new rather than secondhand due to safety reasons. There are many factors for parents to consider when searching for the best baby stroller that will fit their needs. Cost, of course, comes into play, but other factors are also important, such as storage capabilities and size, comfort and safety for the baby, sturdiness to tackle a variety of landscapes and terrains, and other special functions and innovative features. New parents would do well to consider these factors instead of just the price in order to find a quality stroller for their new baby. The following eight strollers are currently considered some of the best options on the market.

1. 4moms Origami

The 4moms Origami stroller model is one of the most innovative baby strollers currently on the market. 4moms is a tech company dedicated to designing incredibly useful products for children and families. The Origami stroller is no exception. One of the most exciting features is that it opens and closes by itself with just the touch of a button, offering families incredible convenience as they can avoid the hassle of trying to fold a stroller while their hands are full of baby essentials, children, etc.

The stroller is also equipped with generators in the rear wheels. This useful design allows parents to charge their phones, something extremely welcome for parents and families often busy and on-the-go. The designers of the Origami thought carefully and strategically about useful features for families, including special daylight lights for running and pathway lights for those low light conditions parents might find themselves navigating at night. The baby stroller also has useful safety features such as sensors that can detect when a child is sitting in a seat.

Finally, the Origami has a very useful LCD screen that will display walking mileage as well as the temperature outside. This innovative, incredibly smart stroller is built for convenience and accessibility, making it a safe, long-lasting, and excellent choice for parents hoping for a quality model.

The Origami baby stroller retails for under $700 and comes with a two-year warranty as well as several other additional pieces and accessories that can be purchased.


The UPPAbaby VISTA stroller, like the 4moms Origami model, is another “all-in-one” design that seeks to offer parents so much more than the average baby stroller design has available. The VISTA stroller is specifically designed to meet the many needs of a baby as well as transition through a family’s life. It has the ability to evolve both as the baby grows and as the size of the family grows.

The VISTA stroller has some excellent features that a family would expect in a high-quality product, including the ability to stand when folded as well as an enormous basket underneath the seats. It can store a large quantity of baby essentials for parents who use their stroller as a catch-all. Additionally, one of the favorite features of the VISTA is that it has the capability to be so much more. The UPPAbaby coordinating MESA infant car seat is able to be attached directly to the VISTA baby stroller base for convenience and safety. The design of the infant seat also transforms into a bassinet, and with the purchase of the coordinating bassinet stand, this piece is approved for babies to sleep in overnight. Specifically, the bassinet is created to fit a baby’s needs, with a water-repellent inner liner as well as an aerated mattress for sleeping comfort.

Additionally, the VISTA stroller grows with the baby over time. The baby stroller becomes a perfect toddler carrier with excellent coverings and protections for rain and sun as well as the ability to position the toddler seat facing a number of directions depending on the specific needs and wants of the family. Finally, the VISTA can be customized to fit growing families or multiple babies in a way that is truly unique compared to other strollers in the market. The VISTA can carry a bassinet while simultaneously seating a toddler, carry two infants or two toddlers at a time using their unique RumbleSeat design, and even carry three total with two toddler seats and a special design called a PiggyBack Ride Along board for young children to stand on while on the stroller. With all of these top of the line features, customizable options, and a three-year warranty, the VISTA is a true investment piece that will stand the test of time for families. The base VISTA stroller for babies starts at $839.

3. Thule Glide

There are also a number of stroller options to consider for parents looking for a sports and/or jogging stroller. The Thule Glide is considered one of the top jogger designs out there, specifically because of the exceptional design of a fixed front wheel that provides steering parents the most control. The stroller’s design is extremely lightweight at only around 20 pounds, ensuring that the stroller won’t slow down or hamper a running parent’s exercise regime.

Additional exceptional features include an adjustable handlebar so parents can customize the height for their running needs and comfort as well as excellent designs for adjustable tracking and a hand brake. It also offers added perks for babies, not just parents, with a wide-covering canopy to protect from the elements as well as a reclining position so children can nap on longer runs.

At under $375, this baby stroller is considered to be one of the best quality jogger designs on the market for parents hoping to invest in an exercise-specific model.

4. Britax B-Agile/B-Safe

The Britax B-Agile/B-Safe product designs are considered some of the highest quality in safety for car seat and stroller options. The B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat has a number of incredibly necessary features designed to protect babies. Britax is specifically known for being the only car seat and stroller brand whose designs offer the unique SafeCell Impact Protection system that ensures safety for the baby in the event of collision. This SafeCell design has several layers designed for protection, including an impact-stabilizing steel frame, an impact-absorbing base, and a foam-lined side impact protection feature.

These features, alongside the innovative design of the B-Agile 3 baby Stroller, ensure the utmost safety when traveling with your child. The baby stroller is extremely lightweight and also features a very convenient folding option that ensures a parent can close and fold it with only one-hand. Both the stroller and car seat offer a convenient connecting system called the Click & Go System that promises convenience and simplicity when attaching and detaching the car seat. However, it can also be connected to many other brands of car seats, making it perhaps a better option than other models that are only compatible with their own brands of accessories. This Britax stroller and car seat option begins at $439.99, making it a fairly standard and affordable price compared to other models available to parents.

5. BOB Revolution PRO Stroller

One step up from exceptional quality jogging baby strollers is the BOB Revolution PRO Stroller. With a heavy-duty, durable, and extremely sturdy designed, it was created specifically for those parents looking to transport their child off the beaten path. This all-terrain stroller is perfect especially for transport on the beach, hiking, or other types of “off-roading” excursions.

The BOB is complete with the features parents expect from a high-quality jogging stroller, including excellent hand-activated brake designs (the BOB specifically excels at downhill control), adjustable handlebar for comfort, and a unique front wheel with a swivel-lock design that will adjust to the terrain and help parents have better control. It is specifically for unique terrains and exercise rather than running errands because it’s a little more complex to close and fold compared to many of the other models, but most parents say that it’s without a doubt the best for all-terrain excursions and outdoor jogging. The BOB stroller starts under $500.

6. Mamas & Papas Armadillo Stroller

Many parents who live in city locations prefer strollers that are compact and quiet designs, and the Mamas & Papas Armadillo stroller is a favorite design of many parents, meeting these needs and more. The Armadillo has a number of great features, including the ability to convert into a car-carrier travel system for infants. It offers a fully reclining feature for children, something that many strollers do not have available. It also provides ample seat space for babies even with its very compact design, with a wider than average seat as well as a foot rest that allows the seat to stretch out further than most models. One of the most beloved features, however, is that the Armadillo can be folded closed and opened using only one hand. Sleek and stylish, this design offers great features for families, and the best part is the price. Pricing for the Mamas & Papas Armadillo starts from some retailers at only $269.

​7. Baby Trend Snap-N-Go GX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier

While not a complete stroller on its own, the Baby Trend Snap-N-Go GX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier is considered one of the best baby stroller features on the market for parents. The product itself forms the base of the traveling system, retailing at only $99.

As the name implies, the base carrier fits all brands of infant car seats which is truly a useful feature when so many carrier bases require the purchase of their own coordinating products and accessories.

This product is also very lightweight, making it a favorite of many parents hoping for a design with ease and convenience, and it can be folded with only one hand. It also has the added bonus features of a large storage base underneath the car seat carrier as well as two cup-holders for parent drinks.

8. GB Pockit Stroller

For families who often travel, few stroller designs can compete with the GB Pockit Stroller. In fact, the Pockit stroller is the 2014 Guinness World Record holder for the most compact stroller on the market. It can fold down to a compact and positively miniscule size of 11.8” x 7” x 13.8”, making it small enough to even fit in a handbag or tote bag and truly perfect for traveling families. Even with its small size, it can still a hold a child up to 55 pounds, and the storage basket can hold up to 11 pounds of baby essentials, which is very similar to most weight limits in other typical models. The stroller also only weighs 9.5 pounds itself, something that most families would gladly welcome, especially during traveling and long days transporting baby equipment.

The compact design of the stroller can be achieved in a very quick and efficient two-step folding process. The Pockit can be folded down one level, creating a self-standing model for storage, or can be folded into its smaller, compact design to fit in suitcases or bags. At only $249, this product is the best choice for traveling and constantly on-the-go parents.

Final Thoughts

Parents hoping to find a stroller designed specifically to meet the needs of their family will be able to find a number of unique options and choices. Those who value travel and convenience will appreciate strollers like the Pockit for ease of storage. For families looking for a stroller that they can jog with or take outdoors on excursions, the BOB or Thule Glide are perfect selections. Additionally, parents hoping to find a travel system that will grow not only with their child but also with their family as they have more children will find the perfect fit in the UPPAbaby VISTA model. With so many excellent stroller models out there for a number of varying needs, parents will be certain to find a design that will get the job done at a price that fits their budget.

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