8 Books To Read With Your Toddler

Reading is one of the absolute best ways to bond with your baby, coax your toddler to sit down, spend time with your child, and connect with your preteen (if at that age). I love to read to my kid and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Not only am I encouraging a love of reading, but I can explore new ideas with Leila through books.

I have some favorite books to share with my child from time and time again. I like these books because they are fun and find them interesting, and I enjoy the way they connect to my child.

  1. Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. Hoot is a really fun book that talks about bullying in a way that’s easy for kids of all different ages to understand, without coming off like an after-school special. I would use this book as a tool to open a conversation if something at school has been bothering one of our younger kids (though we are not there yet!).
  2. Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad, by Liz Climo. According to myself, every book is better with dinosaurs. Rory the dinosaur gets tired of waiting for his dad to play, and wanders off. This is something most people can relate to, and I just love the dinosaurs.
  3. The Daddy Mountain by Jules Feiffer. This book is about a little girl who climbs up her daddy like a mountain. It is a fun read, but it may give your kids an incentive to start climbing Dad at random moments.
  4. My Dad Thinks He’s Funny by Katrina Germein. The illustrations are really interesting relatable to all dads.
  5. Not A Box by Antoinette Portis. This book is a great way to spark your kid’s creativity. On boring days, you could pull out a cardboard box with this book and lead construction on whatever “not a box” they make.
  6. Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown and Vader’s Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown. All of these books bank on one’s love of Star Wars, a phenomenon I will probably never understand. Both of these books cleverly explore the hilarious life of Darth Vader raising his kids.
  7. I Love My Pirate Papa by Laura Leuck. There’s a thin line between too cold and distant and too mushy-gooey lovey when I read to the kid. I Love My Pirate Papa is a fun book that is great to express love, but it has a lot of cool pirate action to balance things out a little.
  8. Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me, by Eric Carle. The story is about a dad who is willing to do just about anything to make his daughter happy, which is also something that relates in my home.

All of these books help create the most special moments. If you are struggling to find the right book to connect with your kids or just want to try something new, these are recommendations straight from my family to yours.

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