Where to Find Ridiculous Deals on Cheap Prescription Glasses

If you ever feel like giving someone a compliment, you should do it. For one, it’s just nice. For two, you might get a useful money-saving tip out of it.

Over the weekend, I went to a party and complimented a fellow partygoer’s glasses. “Thanks! They were free,” he told me. Obviously, my ears perked up. I was all like:

“Yep, I got them online,” he said. Now, I’ve found cheap glasses online before, but never free glasses. And his were nice specs. So I asked the obvious question: “You had to pay shipping, right?”

“Yeah.” Aha! I knew there was a catch. “Nine bucks, total,” he told me. Wait, what?   

I thought I’d not only share the site, but also put together a list of other sites I’ve come across that offer quality eyeglasses that are hugely discounted. Let’s get to it, fellow nerds.


At Coastal, your first pair of glasses is free. And, as the partygoer pointed out, you can even buck the system, if you’re into that sort of thing. He mentioned that all it takes is registering with a new email address, and then you can order more free glasses.

All you have to do is use the code: FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout. Not all glasses are free, but they still have an enormous selection of freebies. And yes, you have to pay for shipping. While my source paid $9 for shipping, Coastal says shipping can be up to $20. Still, those are some cheap glasses.

You can also try on the glasses virtually by uploading a photo of yourself. After doing this, the site will automatically show all of their options using your face as the model.

There might be a small catch. The offer is for standard “1.59 index lenses for single vision or reading” lenses. So if your prescription requires a thicker lens, you might not be able to take advantage of the freebie. The site is definitely worth checking out; just make sure to read the details.


Goggles4U has been my go-to site for cheap glasses for the past six years or so. I recently bought a pair of prescription eyeglasses from them for less than $30. Years ago, I bought a pair for $15. Total.

They’ve got a range of prices, but they always have some kind of site-wide special happening. In fact, they now offer a selection of free glasses, too. Personally, I don’t think the selection is as great as Coastal’s, but if you like free, it’s worth a look. Of course, you have to pay shipping. My last shipping rate was $5.

You can try on glasses, too, but it’s not as convenient as Coastal’s virtual try-on tool.

39 Dollar Glasses

Their prices are slightly higher, but there are a few things that set this site apart:

For me, the refund policy makes this site totally worth it. When ordering glasses online, I always worry the pair will end up being way too small for my giant head. So far, I’ve been lucky, but you never know.


Good Housekeeping named this site the best option for budget eyewear.

“None of the eyeglasses bought from this site had prescription errors and all testers thought the actual frames closely resembled what they had seen in the pictures. Good Housekeeping’s Fashion Director Jasmine Chang rated GlassesShop’s eyewear the most stylish offered in the Budget Buy category.”

In their tests, Good Housekeeping found the average amount spent on the site to be $47. Orders also arrived in eight days. And, according to the site, you can issue a refund within 14 days, although there’s a 30 percent restocking fee.

Just another reason to love the Digital Age. No overhead + no pushy salespeople = cheap glasses for all.

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