Online Shopping Sites Like Modcloth, But Cheaper

Sailor dresses, cat purses, panda shoes–Modcloth can be an adorably dangerous place. You come for a simple day dress; you stay for the Peter Pan collars.

Modcloth is great. It can also be pretty damn expensive. But I’ve got good news, y’all. There are online sites out there that sell the exact same items as Modcloth…only cheaper. Same style, same brand, same sizes, but you save money. And we love saving money around here.

In this post, I’ll list these sites, along with examples. Bonus: I’ll also tell you how to find similar sites on your own.

Sorry, Modcloth. I still think you’re pretty.   

Online shopping sites that beat Modcloth

Lace Affair

Modcloth’s ‘Traveling Cupcake’ halter dress: Modcloth’s vintage-inspired dresses are what made me love the site in the first place. I mean, look at this polka dot halter dress. It’s so unique, right? Except that the exact same dress can be found for less over at

Modcloth price: $59.99 (free shipping over fifty bucks)
Lace Affair ‘All That Jazz‘ halter dress: $46.99 + $5 shipping = $51.99

Price difference: $8.00


Cheaper online shopping alternatives

Modcloth’s ‘Stroke of Genus’ panda flats: And here are those delightful panda shoes I mentioned. So cute, and half the price at

Modcloth price: $34.99 + $4 shipping = $38.99 Bamboo Lula flat: $11.99 + $6.95 shipping = $18.94

If you click on the links and compare, you’ll see that this is the exact same brand. Modcloth gives it a cute name, but the brand remains the same.

Price difference: $20.05

Modcloth's budget dopplegangers

Modcloth’s ‘Fresh Fortidude’ dress: lists this exact same dress for more than ten dollars less.

Modcloth price: $67.99 (free shipping) ‘One In a Million‘ dress: $48.99 + $5.95 shipping = $54.94

 Price difference: $13.05

Shoe Ocean

Modcloth's cheaper online shopping dopplegangers

Modcloth’s ‘Get It, Got It, Go-See’ is a small online shopping site, but they’ve got a cute collection, which includes Modcloth’s ‘Get It, Got It’ heel for less:

Modcloth price: $32.99 + $4 shipping = $36.99
ShoeOcean Bonnibel Karla-2 pumps: $23.99 + $6 shipping = $29.99

 Price difference: $7.00

Find These Sites on Your Own 

I used three methods for finding cheaper prices on these items:

1. Google image search: I saved the photo of the Modcloth item I liked. Then I ran a Google image search on that item. Sites that sold the same item would pop up in the search.

2. Search by brand: I found the brand name of the product and then searched for it online. This can be tricky. Sometimes the brand name is included in the description; sometimes it’s not. With shoes, you can sometimes see the brand on the inside of the shoe in the photo.

3. Browsing: This is the least efficient method, but for some items, I simply browsed for them on the above-mentioned sites. If I saw a pink dress on Modcloth I liked, I’d browse for pink dresses on those sites. Surprisingly, though, it was more hit than miss.

All of this isn’t to say I’ll never buy from Modcloth again (unless they blacklist me after this post). In their defense:

• Some of their stuff is hard to find anywhere else.
• Their sales are pretty awesome.
• As a larger business, they often use their profit for good.

Like any online shopping site, Modcloth is out to make money. So you can’t blame them for upselling. At the same time, you can’t blame those of us who want to save a little money on a polka dot dress and some bear shoes, either.

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